Our Story

Instilling higher levels of enjoyment, wellness and health back in our consumers’ lives is our core essence.

We are desirous of changing our ways of the present that has us consuming not only food that isn’t nutritious, but also food that is laden with hazardous chemicals. This is a big compromise we’re making due to the commonly available alternatives but this is where our role comes in. We want to change all of this.

Bring together two simple concepts and you might just have the most beautiful outcome. This very theory is the idea behind our name, ‘Nature Pearls’. ‘Nature’ represents our obligation to respecting our environment and farms in a way that is extremely ecologically sustainable. ‘Pearls’ portrays the pearls of wisdom our ancestors possessed which aided them in consuming food that was nourishing to the core and soulful like a serene view. We’d like to term that wisdom as ‘shiny’, just like our rice grains. Our footsteps lie in harmony with Ayurveda’s which claims that there’s no better medicine for the body and soul than good nourishment. These wise and clever ways of the past leys us ensure that the wisdom of our ancient and glorious culture is always remembered.

This is the story of the name of our brand. However, the real story is the commitment that each and every person that works here has made to you, and to all our consumers. We will leave no stone unturned and strive tirelessly to ensure that the food you buy from us is organic, healthy, nourishing and filled with goodness.